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Path extrude node not working with symbol


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Definitely the ConvertToGroup Node converts the input to a group but there is no output (this node is junk, sorry :-). I think there is no easy and quick solution right now. I would strongly recommend using blue symbols for that what you want to do with the symbol.  You can activate and rightclick all symbols in the resource browser and then "Symboleinstellungen bearbeiten" > "in Gruppe umwandeln".


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Same or similar stuff i think about, because need parametrical 2d geometry (think i need a wrapped Marionette for each pline.) AS a Profil and parametrical path but i dont think IT will works, because as far AS i know, the result of a Red Symbol will BE a group and VW needs a 2d objects for both, Profil and path.

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We are talking about BLUE symbols, with the symbol setting "insert as group"? Or red symbols, which are containing a PIO.

As Pat mentioned, a single object (polyline as example) will be inserted as a single object. Multiple Objects as a group. The Croup content you can reach easily with the Marionette Content Node. Split them with the List Explode Node.

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If there will be one only 1 object (composed Polyline out of single lines) it will stay 1 2D-object, even if i marked on "Group"?


That ist fantastic, because i think then VW can use my parametric Marionette path and my parametric Marionette Profil as a valid geometry for a path extrude?


I thought it must be a Group, because i marked on "Group" but hey, this is fine.



Maybe Dob talked About blue Symbols, sorry then.


Until now i am not able to make some PIO, because i get no Manual or Training Video or pdf for making those.


The interiorcad support great, but they too busy and my Questions are too specific, that they cant help me with that stuff.

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55 minutes ago, KingChaos said:

If there will be one only 1 object (composed Polyline out of single lines) it will stay 1 2D-object, even if i marked on "Group"?

You can try it out manually. Just Make a Symbol of your contour and make a blue symbol (In Gruppe umwandeln) in the Symbol settings. Then insert your symbol. As you can see, your contour it is a single object. The same behaviour as if you insert it in a marionette script.

A good start to make a script is to have a definition of parameters and some example drawings. Also always try to find out if it is already part of standard-functionality . So you or anybody else is able to see, how complexe or simple your Programm will be. For most project you should calculate 4-5 days if you start from scratch. Maybe there is something similar already there (I remember a Frame example here, which also used symbols as a profile for path objects)

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