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How can I reset a Marionette Object other than by moving it?

Olaf Pfeifer

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One option would be to include a boolean input node with a name (so that it shows on the OIP) that you can toggle (I would attach it to the end of my network with a pass node)


Running the command Tools > Utilities > Reset All Plug-ins should reset them, but it would also update all other plug-ins in the document.


You could create a script that would only reset selected plug-ins, or that would only reset Marionette objects.

(Let me see if I can find one I wrote a few years ago, otherwise I will try to find time to write a new one)

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Thank you for offering, Marissa! It looks like the "scale" operation (with a vector of (1;1)  does the trick to reset (=update) my marionette objects and can be applied to them selected by criteria (other than "move", which won't work).

If I only knew how to run such a marionette script from the worksheet  ... can I ? Maybe even to a single database row handle?

update marionette.png

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1 minute ago, Olaf Pfeifer said:

If I only knew how to run such a marionette script from the worksheet  ... can I ? Maybe even to a single database row handle?

Actually that is a great idea! Let me look into this since we added some functionality for scripting in worksheets recently.

Are you still on 2019, as your signature states?

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  • There is a 'RESET' Node by DomC that also does the Trick of updating a Marionette Object after it's Parameters have been changed. He uses it with the "Set Marionette OIP field" node. 
  • I could see how the "RunScript" Worksheet function would be able to trigger that in theory, but I don't see how to prevent that from happening each time a worksheet is updated, which then in turn would trigger all the marionettes to update, which takes too long.
  • I ended up NOT implementing it, mainly because parameters read from the record fields regardless of the variable type come in as Strings, sometimes even with units, and first have to be converted to numbers by means of complicated string operations ... too much for me.
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