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Magnus Mikaelsen



Dear fellow VW enthusiasts!


I made my own lighting instrument.

It is a 2D and 3D symbol, with a default lable ledgend.

I also attached lighting records to it.


I can put them in my drawing and everything seems ok, i Even simplified the 3D object to the absolute minimum to keep it simple.

When I try to duplicate 16 of them along a path VW2020 just shuts down.

I tried duplicating just 1 symbol and that works, then I try a few more and no chance.

Vectorworks doesnt even think about it. Just shuts down.


Im using vw2020 and im on Mojave (Mac).


How can I try to find out whats wrong? EDIT:

Ive just tried inserting a default symbol from the VW2020 library.

Same issue.

What can it be?

Is Catalina a better match with VW2020 than Mojave?




Skjermbilde 2019-11-12 kl. 13.03.23.png

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Hi Magnus


Have you contacted your local distributor to ask for help?


email; vectorworks@dakantuspluss.no


One of the Dekantus team should be able to help you.


Also please post any spotlight or entertainment related issues directly in the entertainment forum as you will get a faster response from the entertainment team that way!


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Ive contacted Dakantus.


It would be interesting to know why duplicate along path is not working for this, and Im awating reply from dakantus.

At the same time Ola Bråten helped me to find another tool that gives me the same result as I want with duplicate, but without the crashing part:)

I can use the "move by points tool".

Since my path is not curved this works well. When I have a curved path, I will see if I have other tools I can use for the time being.


Yes I will try to find the right forum in the future.

Thank you Jesse.



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no problem, I suggested to contact dekantis because I currently cannot duplicate your issue at my end using the standard US English version and was not sure if you are on the localised Norwegian version!


Another option for this particular work flow is the 'duplicate array' command, which can do this in 3D, as a grid and on curves. Takes a little bit to get used to it  but is a really powerful tool


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@Magnus Mikaelsen Thanks for asking about this… I tested the Duplicate along path command in v2020 SP1 and got the crash you described. It is my understanding that this is a known bug and that it will be fixed in a service pack release coming to your neighborhood very soon!



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