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Zoom with lights

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You would need to know the parameters of the fixture. It should be noted that VW doesn’t care if a fixture can zoom or not, you can still update information in the Ben and field cells as it is simply a lighting object parameter. Likewise you can put a gobo in any fixture you want; PAR can, LED wash, Fresnel. 

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it depends on how accurate your Photometrics need to be. That data is typically available from the manufacturer. If you are rendering, then it is more of a question as to how sharp your edges are. Play around with it for a moment and you will figure it out. Generally you want both BEAM fields to have the same value and both FIELD fields to have the same value. There are two fields each to accommodate non-axial mounted PAR lamps that project an oval beam. Now that those lamps are no longer manufactured, it will eventually become a moot point. 

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some manufacturer photometric charts only have min/max, others I have seen have min/mid/max.  I hope someday that we would be able to have the min/max in the data and then set your zoom with a slider.  but there are other things that need to be addressed before something like this.

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