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Fixture mode all over the place


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I am trying to assign a fixture mode to 64x PAR64 NSP so I can use them in vision.

This problem is new in 2020 for me, I have had all these fixtures in vision before.


I use some PAR64 fixture, e.g the "Altman PAR64" as well as the "spotlight PAR 64 NSP" fixtures, it is not critical, I just need a generic PAR64 NSP for vision and my plot.


When I choose fixture mode I go to other and and fish out either of the above fixture modes. After working in the document for a while, numbering for example. The fixture mode is gone again. Sometimes it will still be the only option in the fixture mode popup and I can select it again. Sometimes some random other fixture. In one instance I got the entire spotlight fixture library list in one gigantic list ( didnt make a screenshot). Letting go of the popup, deselecting and selecting the fixture will change the contents of the popup again. 


In any case. I can't get the mode to stick.


Here are some various scenarios that occur when I try to pick a mode






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And on it goes, working with another fixture now, robe megapointe. It has randomly changed its fixture mode at some point. It was correct 5 minutes ago, all I am doing is numbering. Not touching the popup at any instance.


(Not) Fun fact: all my megapointes have different modes assigned from other random fixtures. not going to flood with screenshots of it.




This is a bit of a showstopper for me. Do I go back to 2019?

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Just for completeness, I'll post here as well.


If anyone is experiencing this issue, please update to VW 2020 SP2 as a fix went into this build 😉

VB-165306 Some lighting devices won't accept a manually-applied fixture mode

If you're still having issues, we'll try to track it down!

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