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2 hours ago, First Garden Design said:

I need to sculpture a die and stand it on its point. Its needs to be hollow as I need a light inside can any one help

Die in end.jpg

You'll need an extrude, a sphere for the dimples and I think the shell tool gets you the hollow interior

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Shell Solids does not work on closed solids.


Make an outside cube of the proper size and an inside cube of the proper size to give the wall thickness you want. Select both and Align Centers in X/Y/Z.  Subtract Solids and choose the outside (larger) curb to be subtracted from.


If you want light to shine through, you will need to make real holes, so draw a cylinder of the correct size. It can be substantially longer than the wall thickness to make it easier to work with. Duplicate (Duplicate Array) to make the pips patterns. Align each pattern to the correct face. Select everything and Subtract Solids. You should now have a single die object. Just place a light source at the center and you should be good.  I would then Group the die and the light and use the Rotate Tool or Rotate Menu command to rotate 45 degrees from a Front view. You can then rotate as necessary from a Top view to get the angle you need.

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