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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The easiest way to make a large quantity of RGB Emissives is to use the 1in generic emissive RGB sphere in Vision. You can set this up in VW by selecting 1in generic RGB sphere in the Other dialog for Fixture Mode (ideally the VW symbol for this fixture will be a 1in sphere as well as this allows for proper positioning of the instance). Then, you can distribute along array or any other number of ways to duplicate this device in your document.


The alternative workflow (which allows custom geometry) is not as clean of a workflow, but it is possible.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Once a VW document is sent to Vision, Vision has the ability to convert any mesh to an RGB Emissive. This mesh must be given a candela, a universe, and a channel. These can be applied via Vision's multiple selection.


(See Object and fixture parameters -> Emissive (Objects only))


The downsides to this workflow primarily involve a difficult patch workflow and the potential for a new Send to Vision to "wipe" your changes. There is definitely room for improvement for custom geometry emissives, but our solution involves supporting custom fixtures via GDTF rather than reworking this old behavior. The new GDTF workflow will not suffer from patching difficulties and will also allow you to set things up in VW so your changes aren't "trashed" when sending to Vision.


I hope our current solution works well enough for you for now. In the hopefully not so distant future, Vision will support more customized fixtures via GDTF and then we could revisit this!

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