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Where are tool palette images located?

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On Mac you can also look in the help system files:  Applications -> VW -> VWHelp -> HTML5 -> VW2020_Guide ->....


I found that location when I was looking for the icon for the GIS Toolset, which I never found.  I migrated my workspace from 2019 to 2020, and it did not bring in the new icon for the GIS toolset.  If anyone knows where to find (or a VW employee can upload) this icon it would be appreciated.

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Thank you both, @Pat Stanford and @efa! The icons inside Applications/VW/VWHelp/HTML5/VW2020_Guide are low-res (I presume these are used for the online help manual), so the app can't use them for tool palette images.


The images inside the application package are within the Vectorworks.vwr file, which cannot be selected when trying to select an image from the Workspace Editor, so back in the Finder I selected Vectorworks.vwr and did another right-click to Show Package Contents, and voila! there is the /Images folder that contains subfolders of not only the images used in the Basic toolset but also images used in the OIP, worksheet editor, and almost everything else in the app -- excluding, interestingly, the images used in other toolsets e.g. Dims/Notes. I have no idea where those images are hiding, but that's my next mission!


Note that the Tools images are the correct dimensions; but most others will need to be resized to 52x40 (at 72 ppi) to be used by the tool palettes. I duplicated the /Images/Tools folder and moved it to my desktop, and from there I can select an image from the Workspace Editor for my new custom palettes.


I'll post updates here as I learn more. Thanks again for getting me going in the right direction.

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Toolset images are stored in the workspace (.vww) file as ASCII: the easiest way to copy them from an old/different workspace is to copy/paste lines of text from file to file, opening the .vww file with a text editor.

Backup your .vww files before editing them: it works on VW2019 and migrating icons from VW2019 to VW2020 but having a backup of the .vww files is safer.

More info, and some helpful tips by @Robert Anderson here:


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I am not upgrading to 2020 purely because I hate the new icon graphics.  Soooooo chunky it make them harder differentiate each tool.

It seems like the advice both is that you can choose your own... with a lot of hassle.


PS.  Can VW please hire someone with a graphic design skills to work on these icons for the next service pack upgrade?




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Is there a way to expand the tools in the Basic Tools so they all stay open?  In other words, if you see the tool by pressing the little triangle is there a way to make those additional tools stay visible in the Basic tool box?    Also is there a way to make the Basic Tool box bigger beyond the + sign at the top of it?


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4 minutes ago, Johalperin said:

if you see the tool by pressing the little triangle is there a way to make those additional tools stay visible in the Basic tool box?


Not as far as I know.  However, you can modify the Basic tools palette, or make a new one with the tools you want to see, using the Workspace Editor:




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