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Motor Origin Update

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I've tried to recreate this issue using 2020 sp1 but for me it is functioning correctly,

Try using the 'Refresh Hoist' button in the OIP shape tab, if that doesn't work contact the tech support team and they will help you

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This is interesting. I checked again to see if I can reproduce the error. It seems that one must keep the box "Relative X, Y On Plot:" checked in order for the Relative X,Y to be recalculated. If that box is not checked, the "Measure From:" numbers do not change.


Since I don't use the Relative X,Y on Plot and all of my worksheets reference the Measure From value this still is causing me problems, but I now see the workaround.


Thanks for answering my post.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee


The Display 'Relative X,Y on plot' section of the OIP controls label displaying the X,Y measurement

the check box controls whether the measure label is displayed

the 'Dim display X' and 'Dim display Y' fields control the position of the label in relation to the hoist symbol it is attached to and not the data the label itself displays

The distance from hoist origin point to the hoists rigging point is always the values displayed in the measure from section of the OIP.



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Yes, I understand that.


1. Place a hoist anywhere in a drawing and have the 'Relative X,Y on Plot' check box checked and turned on.

2. Move the hoist and the  'Measure From:' X & Y dimensions behave as expected.

3. Uncheck the  'Relative X,Y on Plot' check box.

4. Move the hoist and the X & Y dimensions do NOT update.


If you go through those simple steps you will see what I'm talking about.

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Also, if you add those 'Measure From:' X and Y distances to the Hoist Data Display and have the  'Relative X,Y on Plot' check box checked you would expect to see the values of those X & Y dimensions to be the same. It ends up that the X & Y dimensions added to the Hoist Data Display actually display the previous measurement when you move the hoist around.

Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 9.03.24 AM.png

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

thanks the additional info has allowed me to duplicate the issue,

interestingly if you move/change  the origin point or move the hoist itself the relative dimension label displays correctly but the X and Y values in the hoist label display the values for the previous origin or position.

I'll get a bug report in




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