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Cloud Publishing with Unique Fonts

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I recently pushed a bunch of sheet-layers to be cloud published to a PDF and it replaced non-standard fonts that I had from clients branding.  Is there a way to package the font data with the document?   Because this is title-block text, it is dynamic text and I cannot turn it into poly-line text.  



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From the VW Cloud Services Help.



Manage fonts and font mappings

If you are a Vectorworks Service Select member, you can use Vectorworks Cloud Services to generate .pdf files from Vectorworks (.vwx) files in Vectorworks Cloud Services, Dropbox, or Google Drive storage, leaving the desktop computer free to do other tasks.

The cloud server has approximately 400 Windows TrueType and OpenType fonts available for .pdf file generation. See Fonts for a complete list. To get the proper fonts in the generated files, you might need to change your Vectorworks font mappings or upload custom fonts.

During .pdf file generation, the cloud server searches for fonts using the following priority:

   Cloud server system fonts

   Current font mappings in your cloud preferences

   Custom fonts that you have uploaded to cloud storage


If neither the font nor a mapping is found, Arial is substituted, and an email is sent to you (if the cloud notification preference is set). See Set preferences.

Font files must be Windows TrueType (.ttf) or OpenType (.otf) format and uncompressed. Various free online font conversion tools are available.



Upload font files to the same location where the .vwx file is stored. See Upload files.

Vectorworks Cloud Services storage: Place the font file anywhere in Vectorworks Cloud Services.

Dropbox storage: Place the font file anywhere in Dropbox (for full access integration) or in the Dropbox > Apps > Vectorworks Cloud Services folder (for limited access integration).

Google Drive storage: Place the font file anywhere in your Google Drive storage.


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