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2020 not responding/hanging/crashing while opening file at resetting bounds

John Harris




I have just installed 2020. I have been working on a drawing which I now can't open. When I open it vectorworks stops responding at 'resetting bounds'. I can open an empty drawing and I can open files created in other versions pre2020. I only have one 2020 file and it and none of it's backups will open.




system is 

mac powerbook 13" 2017

3.1 ghz intel core 5

8gb memory

Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 1536mb


sw 10.14.6



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@John Harris Go to Vectorworks Preferences>display and switch Navigation Graphics to Best Compatibility and try the file again. If the problem persists, go ahead and send me the file via Direct Message, and I'll be happy to check this out and confirm if the issue is file specific or a Graphics Card issue.



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@JuanP the display preference was already set to best compatibility so unfortunately not that. I uninstalled and reinstalled vw then I was able to open the file. I didn't change the font mappings which I had done before, probably not related, I then purged the drawing. I have been working with it most of today and currently no issues, except it is moderately slow to react especially with nudges. Happy to send you both the current file and an old backup pre purge for your views.


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help - similar problem, it sounds like?

just updated to 2020 Architect, this morning, from 2019.


I thought it had to do with a faulty installation, but I can open some files but not the one I needed to work on.

It crashes while opening - it says 82% generating Resource previews, then it shuts down.


I tried the suggestion above for navigation graphics to "best compatibility", no luck.


also, should I delete VW2019?



my system:

wdws 10pro - 1809

intel corei7-4770 cpu @3.40ghz

16.0 GB RAM

64bit os  x-64-based processor




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niagara, if you want to send me the file I can see if I can open it and send it back in saved in 2020 version. I have spotlight not architect but it might work. 


If you download the free viewer can you open the file.


can you still open it in the 2019 version? If so then purge it and save it then try.



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