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Python Custom Script for your Company


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My Name: Victor

My Skills: Python, Excel Makros, BIM expert...

My experience: Besides, GIS and Statik Engineering--> 4 years Event engineering using spotlight



Examples of my Scripts:

1) A script that substitute one specific symbol for a custom group of simbols depending of the position.


2) Another that check every layer looking for an specific symbol name to check how many exist in layers with specific names.

     On that way you avoid to add hundred exceptions to the Material List.


3) Another that creates several layout layers  around the exact coordinates of an area.

     Each one with different selection of classes and layers.

     So, for example: the first has only the forest layers on, with classes of animals off.

                                   the second one can be the layers with the word "water" in the name.


4) Layer Creator, I mean, with one click you can create several layers with specific extension names based on the first given name/code.



5) Automatic measuring of simbols. very usefull if you have 50 simbols inside an area and have no time to loose clicking, and clicking, and clicking...








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