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Loci on cable tool

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I assume this is a setting I'm missing somewhere. Does anyone know why there would be Loci populating on the cable tool like this? I've dug around in settings, and it replicates on a brand new document. 

The cable tools were working great in 2020 for me a couple weeks ago, not sure what I did to get here.

Thanks so much,


2020 SP1 (Build 512839) 
macOS Mojave

Screenshot 2019-10-31 12.22.13.png

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turning off the Rigging-Guidelines doesn't make them go away.

lighting-footprint does not exist in my document. 

Checking or unchecking the boxes does not work either.


My apologies if I am missing something blatantly obvious.

Can you explain what I do in Loads and Rigging to make these annoying loci go away?

Screenshot 2019-12-15 13.26.26.png

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

no problem,

the loci are auto created to document how the objects weight interacts with rigging objects, for Braceworks load calculations.

by default the loci are in the same class as the object.


If you want to be able to change their visibility separately from the associated object you need to use the the bottom pane of the loads and rigging preferences dialogue,

check the 'automatically assign the class of all point and distributed loads' box,

then use either of the classing options below it to assign the classes, I usually just use the 'use existing document class' option

once this is done you can control the visibility of the loci separately from the associated object, by toggling the appropriate class visibility


Regarding the data cables created by the 'create data cable chain' command, there does seem to be a graphical bug, as it is drawing far more loci than needed. I will open a bug report to get this addressed as quickly as possible




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