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Best Practices for Casework + Interior Components

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Hi All,


I recently switched from Revit to Vectorworks and am trying to learn best practices and workflow.  My biggest issue is deciding when to use 3D modeling tools versus BIM tools and downloadable objects (aka Families in Revit).  I'm working on a small residential project and would like to add basic casework.  In Revit, I would typically use a combination of parametric cabinet families and resize them to fit or model something from scratch as a "model in place component" using extrusions similar to Vectorworks.  I've attempted to bring in some 3D objects from the Resources Library but they do not seem very editable.  If anyone could explain their workflow or point me in the direction of some tutorials that would be wonderful.  I've been scouring this site as well as youtube and am having trouble finding anything that answers this specific question.  Below is a screenshot of my current kitchen model where you can see I'm attempting to use appliance and plumbing components and model and cabinets and it's a bit of a mess.  Thank you! 

Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 5.20.15 PM.png

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If you've used the resource content they are probably assigned to a style, see image attached. If this is the case then to adjust the parameters which are greyed out in the information palette just select none in the style drop-down menu, that should allow you to adjust the other parameters.

If you then want a new family of sizes based on this you can save it as a new style but don't set the variable parameters. to use the new style, just the elements you wish to be fixed.



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@e_calabrese,  Here's a little kitchen project I built as a demo file. I used the Cabinet tool(s) in the Furniture/Fixtures ToolSet and created styles so that the rails/stiles/hardware/ etc would stay consistent. As a rule, I use either the Floor tool or just a common extrude to create countertops - I find the countertop option that's part of the cabinet(s) to not quite get me what I want.

I consider our cabinet tool to be a CONCEPTUAL cabinet maker that can give you a fair idea of what you have in mind - it does not have all the options of a complete cabinet line.


I also modeled some objects like the crown around the cabinet tops and the KitcheAid & espresso machine came from 3D Warehouse.


Feel free to email me wgardner@vectorworks.net



Kitchen Wood Floor.png

Kitchen Complete 2020.vwx

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@Wes GardnerThanks for that, I was also thinking of dotted under and that can be achieved by your original sending the benchtop to back and dotting the under cabinets in the viewport.



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Now here's the REAL challenge - get the size of the cabinets to display in the format shown above (widthheight) no spaces, no dimension indication(s)


Good luck!

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