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Image Prop People Not Working in v2020 SP0 & SP1



So I use these symbols (the Entourage People - 3D Image Prop Photo realistic) quite often and did not have any issues in 2018 or 2019. Since updating to 2020 they don't appear to be working Image Props anymore, they look fine in OpenGL but when once Rendered with Fast Renderworks or Final Quality it appears the Crossed Planes is failing. When its unchecked you get a Black Rectangle in 1 or both planes depending which way you are viewing the Image Prop.

I am all for a cool Total Recall effect but only if its select-able.. 🙂


I've attached a few screenshots of the results.


I am running a Retina 15" Mid 2015 Macbook Pro with Mojave 10.14.6

and Vectorworks Spotlight info is 2020 SP1 (Build 512839) (64-Bit)


Has anyone else experience this issue?


vwx glitch 1.png

vwx glitch 2.png

vwx glitch 3.png

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I used an image prop successfully in a 2020 file. Then removed random unused Classes (housekeeping), which seemed to co-incide with loss of the image prop quality. Meaning the human figure renders only as its two crossed planes, grey, with no realistic detail. Have tried to paste-in the same correctly-rendering image object from another file with no change. Not sure if this is a class issue, because the image prop renders OK in a blank file with just classes dimension and none. If is a classes issue then I must have overlooked a deletion warning? The problem is certainly file-specific because other image props work fine in all files except the one I deleted classes from....

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Guest Alex Sagatov

@thinkingpencil This sounds like textures are turned off somewhere. Since copying and pasting the image prop into a new file works, this indicates the image prop still has the texture applied. In the problematic file, do the image props work in fast renderworks? if yes, double check View > Rendering > OpenGL Options and make sure 'Use Textures' is checked. (If this is specific to Viewports, also check viewport settings for texture usage.)

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Thank you for your clear and effective explanation Alex. That was a perfect fix! I've started using 2020 straight from 2016 and do so on live fee-earning projects to deadline. So I need to take time out from routine production for a thorough review of 2020.  "Reading the Instructions" is SO helpful!! Please thank all colleagues there. This software is awesome and gives me great pleasure. Not to mention a competitive edge. I've used VWX since its Minicad days. Blown away by its power and beauty....

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