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Hoist Dimensions can NOT change units in VW 2020



When a hoist is inserted into a document the "Measure From:" X & Y dimensions are locked into the units that were active when the hoist is placed in the drawing. If the units are changed for the document all of the other dimensions or settings in the Hoist OIP change as expected, but the X & Y in the "Measure From:" section stays unchanged. Refreshing the hoist does not solve the problem. I have played around with this enough to know that it is definitely a problem that needs VWs attention.


I guess I will wait until the next service pack as this greatly affects my workflow.


UPDATE: It seems that those dimensions aren't even updating when the hoist is moved from its insertion point. This seems to be a major issue within the hoist plug-in that may render the use of the Hoist Origin useless if you move or adjust anything.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Please post entertainment related issues into either the Entertainment forum or the Bracworks forum, you will get a faster response that way!


I have tried to recreate your issue , both in 2019 sp5.3 and 2020 sp1,in both cases I cannot recreate either of your problems.

Please contact the tech support team and they should be able to help you

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This is interesting. I checked again to see if I can reproduce the error. It seems that one must keep the box "Relative X, Y On Plot:" checked in order for the Relative X,Y to be recalculated. If that box is not checked, the "Measure From:" numbers do not change.


Since I don't use the Relative X,Y on Plot and all of my worksheets reference the Measure From value this still is causing me problems, but I now see the workaround.


Thanks for answering my post.

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