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Fixture Mode Updates

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Should we make an enhancement request for this? It seems that this process is very labor intensive.


I would think some sort of automation, and information for the user would be desirable?


I know in the past I have encountered a change to an already existing fixture that has caused issues. I would think there should be a nice way to get these "release notes".


Along with a way to somehow show we are out of date... vs just checking for an update... and it then getting applied without any options...

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

the engineers are working on getting GDTF working in Vision, once that is implemented, there will be more avenues for Modes to be created.  users can create their own GDTF files, others in content will be able to make GDTF's as we build fixtures.  right now the way the modes are created for Vision are quite complicated and not intuitive, GDTF has a GUI and is much more user friendly.  still not quick and easy, but easier than what Mark has to do now.

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