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Roof Face Ridge Square Cut

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Is there a setting to have the ridge of a roof face have a square cut instead of a vertical cut?  This roof is overhanging a wall below and for detailing purposes I do not want to show a vertical cut.



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Thanks Wes!


I may add this to the roof face wishlist item.  For detailing purposes it would also be helpful to have granular control of the cut conditions and overhangs of the rake, ridge and eave edges of a roof. 



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@cbergHi i find the workaround is to do either create a Roof and turn the other 3 sides from eaves to gables than you can use the knife to cut any angle you need.

If you use a roof face you have to subtract solid to remove a section. Both cases you end up with either a solid section or solid subtraction though.



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You can do it with a Roof Face object.  All you need to do is set the pitching line at the top edge of the roof.






You can get different effects by changing where the pitching line is: 

- Everything below it or at it will have your set eaves treatment.  

- Everything above it will have a vertical edge.


Skillion roof with square cut top edge v2020.vwx



Skillion roof with square cut top edge v2019.vwx

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I only discovered by experiment the difference of where the pitching line is located makes when I was trying to figure out how to get both eaves on a skillion roof like that above to have the same eaves profile.  


Many years later a user asked me how to get the top edge of a roof to have a square cut so I tried moving the pitching line to the top edge and it worked.


I'm pretty sure I have previously posted this solution on the Techboard as the answer for a similar query as yours.

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@Wes Gardner roof and roof faces need lot of love, but i also wish slabs and walls could get some, moving toward the “structural members” approach, and therefore enhancing modeling in a 3d environment (“what you see is what you get”) rather than creating objects

in a 2d/plan environment with a lot of data inputs to fill (i am often forced to sketch things on separate files/paper while modeling VW BIM just to be able to fill al the requested inputs, especially while creating roof faces)


How easier would life be if operations on slabs/walls/roof components and connections could be made with 3d faces/geometry modifiers (doing that now downgrades parametric object - walls etc - to a solid loosing all the parametric capabilities)

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Roof definitely need to be finish/fixed soon. Please not in next year version!

I had really hard and frustrating time recently only to discover, that the tool is not fully coded and it can behave randomly...???


Please see my recent posts:


I also think that it would be more than welcome to be able to add/subtract 3d object to/from roof/roof face as is in slab object. That would be really really great help to cover different scenarios of overhang parts of roof and other too. Also full integration with PIO is needed.


PLEASE MAKE PRIORITY that all tools vectorworks offer indeed fully work as stated and instructed in Help.


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