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Christie Lites' T-link bars in "truss system"


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I'm using a number of Christie Lites' 7.5 degree T-link bars in a truss system.

I can't seem to make the truss all one system while accurately angling the truss to the angle forced by the T-link bar.

For example:

Step 1: Place a 6' piece of truss, connect another 6' piece of truss to it, connect a 7.5d bar to those -- all good

Step 2: Connect a 6' piece of truss to the bar - still good

              However, the connection is still a straight connection and doesn't take the 7.5 degree push into account

              If I rotate the piece of truss to match the angle then it is no longer part of the "system."


Is there a way to place the truss at the angle forced by the T-link bar or select the truss objects and force them to become a "system."


I'm trying to use Braceworks to calculate my loads and well... without it being a "system", I don't know how to make it work.





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