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Roof Face Objects Always 0.05 Line Weight in Section VPs


I rarely print drawings on paper; I typically just send PDFs to clients.  So it wasn't until recently, zooming in on a building elevation (Section Viewport), that I realized that the line weight for all of my Roof Face objects was too thin.  So I started the investigation.  *Sigh*


First I tried to figure out if I could control their line weights with viewport overrides and/or by changing the attributes of their class.  But that lead to another problem.  I found that updating viewport overrides and/or changing class attributes would only sometimes actually affect the line weights as displayed in the viewport.  Huh?!?  Finally, after much time & frustration, I found that it was necessary to update the viewport twice before the viewport would finally update properly.  As far as I can tell, in VW 2018 this is necessary most, if not all, of the time.  In VW 2020, it seems more sporadic.  Fine.  Always update Viewports twice after changing line weights.  VWIS171


But in figuring all of that out, holy cow, yet another problem cropped up.  I found that after changing the viewport's line weight override for a particular class and then changing it back again, some objects would failed to update with that second change.  Huh?!?  I quickly realized it was scaled 3D symbols that weren't updating, but it took quite a while to (I think) figure out a solution: if the line weight of said symbols doesn't update, edit the class itself (not the override) and temporarily change the class's line weight to a different one and back again.  After that's done, the viewport should then update properly.  VWIS172


I have no idea what the original issue was.  Oh yes... it seems that in Section Viewports, in Hidden Line Render mode, Roof Face objects always render with a 0.05 mm line weight, regardless of what corrective actions one might attempt.  I guess one workaround might be to convert Roof Face objects into Solid Additions, but of course then one gives up control over their textures.  VWIS170


All of the above seems to apply in BOTH Vectorworks 2018 (SP5) and in Vectorworks 2020 (SP1).  Attached are test files in both versions, both created with blank documents.

Vectorworks 2018-VWIS170-002.vwx

Vectorworks 2020-VWIS170-003.vwx

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  1. Select the Roof Face on the design layer.
  2. On the Object Info palette, click Components.
  3. Select the single component and click Edit.
  4. At the top right of the dialogue, is the area where you define the Section pen style and line weight. In your roof face, this is set to 0.05 which is why this is a consistent thickness in your viewport.
  5. Change the Section Pen to whatever you want. Click OK and again to close the dialogue.
  6. Now update your section viewport. The line weight will reflect what's in the component setting. 
  7. Note that each component in the Roof Face can have different line weights.

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Ah................. user error!! 🙄Wish I had a department to blame this on...  


I rarely use components, so when I edited the Roof Face Style, I didn't look beyond the "Edit Roof Attributes..." button.  But now I see (I think...) that that only controls attributes for the Roof Face's Top/Plan representation, and its the component's attributes that control its 3D / Section representation.


Thank you Alan & Tamsin! 

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