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Count Records in Report...

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Hi All!

I have a drawing where I have signs that have a record attached. Each sign is in a module that is labelled as a class. For example=:

I have a main entrance sign that has a record signage.type value of "Entrance Sign". This sign is located in class: mod-entrance1.

How do I get a summary of how many signs are in a venue?

Basically, I want to count the number of signs with record value of "entrance sign" so that I know there are x amount of signs at the main entrance. Is this possible?



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Go to Organize>Create Report

Under List All, select Objects with a record.

Under Listing objects with record, select the record = SIGN (or whatever the record name is)


Create a worksheet

Click on the arrow in the upper left corner and select Paste Criteria

Select Record in the first drop down, the record name in the second column and present in the third column.

Click on More Choices

Select field value in the first column and Value (or whatever the name of the specific field value count you are looking for) and click OK.

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Thanks, Katie...

Ok....I tried that before and again, but it doesn'treturn any records...

I created symbols with a new record format called "signage".

So when I follow your instructions, I get a worksheet that shows all of the fields that I create with the record format, but nothing is listed...

I have at least 100 objects that I have assigned a record to. I know the check box is checked, and I know the records are working because I have linked text to the records, and that text is appearing...

Any ideas?



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Do you have data filled in for the various fields?

If you want, you can send the email to me and I'll take a look at it. If you send it, be sure to send it before 3pm (EST) TODAY. I am going on vacation tomorrow and will not be able to get to it until I come back.

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