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Hi all,


I'm new to Marionette and am trying to use it to place some simple house symbols at roughly the correct position and rotation within a 2D polygon block boundary. The idea being to quickly test how different housing types would work in an existing block subdivision. I have managed to get it somewhat working for 2 block boundaries, however I need it to work for any given number of block boundaries. It seems to me like I need to use a loop, however I've read that Marionette doesn't have a method for looping. So any ideas on a solution would be great. I've attached my progress so far. Thanks for your help!


Block Subdivision Marionette.vwx


Also you may note I have used a custom atan2 node. It seems to me like there is an error in the default one where it just outputs the X input value. I changed the last line of code from,

self.Params.z.value = x


self.Params.z.value = z

and that seemed to fix it.

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Thanks for the help Alan!


That works, however I have thousands of blocks and am trying to come up with a way that doesn't involve me drawing anything myself. My method at the moment finds the longest line on the block and then aligns the plan to that.


I didn't realise that the Get Angle node existed, this explains why nobody has noticed the atan2 node bug :). 

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