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Fixture modes not showing up



I just had the tech guys build me 2 profiles for fixtures I will be using in China. They emailed me and they show up in the new fixtures area of Service Select. I downloaded that file and added the fixtures to my favorites file. They show up, but there are no fixture modes shown. If I go to other, they are not shown under their respective manufacturers. I think that I've had this issue in the past and they have had to send me the WAD file. This is true on a Mac and on a PC.


The fixtures do not show as available in Vision 2020 at all, even after updating the library. Also true on a Mac and a PC,


Also in VW 2020, no matter what fixture type I insert, there is never a GDTF fixture mode available, and selecting other brings up the correct dialog box, but all that is available are generics.


I emailed back to the guys who built the profiles but the email was returned as undeliverable.


Any suggestions?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The .wad file is a separate update. Even though the fixture symbols were updated the fixture mode may not have been added.

Depending on the fixture it may take more time to create the fixture mode.

Which fixture or fixture mode did you request?

Vision Service Select users are given priority support for creating new fixture modes, request from other users are completed in the order they are received.


Vectorworks olny ships a sampling of the GDTF files. You can download and create GDTF files from https://gdtf-share.com/

Vectorworks will read the fixture footprint information from the GDTF but Vision currently still requires the fixture mode in order to operate.

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