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Creating Reports

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I am renovating an existing wood deck and want to inventory my existing materials. I thought a report would be good for this, but am having trouble understanding how to create one.


Must all elements in the report be symbols (i.e., must every component (board, post, etc.) be a separate symbol)? Would a spreadsheet (worksheet) be better for this purpose?


I have research this to the point that I am now thoroughly confused. Is there a concise, simple, step-by-step resource I can use to follow instructions? I have referenced both Jonathan's and Tamsin's books (which I love and have used successfully for many issues) but can't find a simple process to achieve what I need...


Appreciate any suggestions. Love the forum and community!


Thx in advance, Ned


PC, Windows 7 Ultimate, VW2016 Designer

Deck Plan (e).vwx

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