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Title Block Basics: Differing variations of title block for different sheets

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I am a garden designer and use different layers for the differing components:  Planting plan, Hard landscaping, Site Plan etc etc.  


I set the title block up for the document but get into trouble when I start printing sheets.  I often use a sheet each for Planting Plans, Another for Bulb Overlay and another for the Presentation Plan.  Each has a viewport using a range of the layers including the title block.  Often for planting I use a different scale so that I can zoom in on a bed.  


I can't find a way to amend the title block for each sheet so that it has a different reference and also a different scale.  Is there a way or can I only rely on the viewport drawing title and associated scales?  In short the title block would change reference and scale according to the viewport details.  Though the design layer with the title block is part of the viewport which I imagine is part of my problem.


This is driving me mad as I can't find a way to use a different title block on each layer either so I feel a little stuck other than putting various on everything which seems to defeat the purpose of the title block functionality.


Thanks all




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Are you using sheet layers for your drawings?  Titleblocks I think are best placed directly on sheet layers. One titleblock for each sheet so each titleblock can have sheet data particular to the drawing it’s on. 


Your design layers are presented to the sheets via sheet layer viewports.


You can’t automatically link viewport info to sheet data. I.e. scales noted in your titleblock border don’t read vp scales- you have to edit the TB manually. You can however use auto drawing configuration so that the drawing numbers and sheet titles in your titleblocks are the same as your sheet layers. 

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Yes, in haste - use the Title Block Border tool to create the title block style you want and then place an instance on each sheet layer. Then use the Title Block Border Settings button to update the project and sheet data. You can link the sheet number and the sheet title directly to the title block.

If you have Vectorworks 2020, there is a template specifically for garden designers.


Looking your signature though, I see you are on 2017, in which case you'll be using the Sheet Border tool to create your sheet border, and then within that use the Title Block button to select a title block symbol. Search Vectorworks Help for Title Block for more information.


For the individual Viewports, insert a Drawing Label into the annotation space. This will display the scale of the viewport and the drawing title that you've used for the viewport.

Good luck.

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