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Drag copies?

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Is there any way I can drag equidistant X copies of an object as I move the mouse in any direction? I know Archicad has a command like that, "Drag a Copy".

Thank you,

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I think Sketch Up has this, you select an object select the tool, its distance to the next duplication and just keep moving the mouse to see copies appear.

Would be a nice addition to Vw.

Imagine drawing a floor joist, set the copies out to appear at the set joist distance and then drag the mouse till your building floor is covered in joists all at the right distance.

Okay duplicate along a path or even duplicate does the same but it sound as if this method would be really quick and easy.

One for the wish list Hugo.


[ 07-08-2005, 03:09 PM: Message edited by: alanmac ]

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Actually, the Sketchup thing is even better than that. You can copy-move a selected set of objects, specifying or just dragging to the move distance, and then type:


to make n copies equally spaced along the move distance



to make n copies equally spaced at the move distance

So if you want to copy a stair riser and tread up to where the next step should be, you can then type "*9" to get 8 more steps just like it. If you want to meet the landing above, you can drag-copy the lowest step up to the upper landing, and then type /9 to fill in the full flight of equally-spaced steps.

Hugo, is that what you meant by "equidistant X copies"? I don't know Archicad, but "Drag a Copy" sounds like what VW does when you hold down the Ctrl key while drag-moving.

[ 07-08-2005, 03:28 PM: Message edited by: jan15 ]

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Yes Jan now you mention it my boss showed me just what you described. He uses Sketch Up and has just upgraded waiting for the latest version. Promised me an additional license on it's release, and I can't wait, it looks a really great time saving program.

But that would not be enough on its own, its the other things, style of presentation it offers that makes it so appealing in my mind.

Sorry to be so keen on another program on a VW site, but I think its a good program to have, alongside VW, not to replace it I might add.

We just need a really good bridge between the program for import/export and that would be the icing on the cake.


[ 07-08-2005, 03:38 PM: Message edited by: alanmac ]

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