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VW 2020 - Worksheets Crashing Program?? Anybody??

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Has anybody else been experiencing this? I use several worksheets in my drawing sets and set criteria based on what I want to show in the worksheet, unfortunately since switching to VW2020 when I try to edit a worksheet or set criteria within it VW 2020 will just shut down. I've tried all the graphics modes and updated my graphics driver and none of that helps. Its not something that happens everytime but once it starts it will keep doing it over and over. Since worksheets are pretty central to all my drawing sets it pretty much makes VW2020 too unreliable to get any work done.

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I have had a similar experience with worksheets.  What worked for my workaround was to import the worksheets that crashed the app in a new blank file....

then open the worksheet make an insignificant change, then save the blank file, then import back the worksheet into the initial drawing file where it failed.

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