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How-to: import GIS Data (KML / SHP) into Vectorworks Spotlight


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As the title suggests, How-to: import GIS Data (KML / SHP) into Vectorworks Spotlight? Running 2019 > 2020 at the moment.


I do not have designer, nor landmark nor Architect. having said that, my practice has now expanded, such that I need to have accurate physical data for block-size portions of some cities.

Any thoughts?


Thanks hive

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I'm using Landmark, which does support importing GIS data such as shapefiles, so I can't help with a Vectorworks based solution I'm afraid - other than to ask if you are sure Spotlight doesn't support this - check that it's not just that you need to add the tool to your current workspace. 


If it doesn't support this, you can use an open source GIS software (QGIS) to open GIS data, review the shapefiles natively within a GIS system, and then export to DWG if necessary? And at least that way you can see if the full data set you need is within the GIS file you've been provided with and it's an issue with DWG conversion - or if the shapefile doesn't contain all the information you need and you just need to request another SHP with the right data in?

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Hi, On this page I find that there are limited GIS tools in Spotlight.




It says "The Spotlight product has access to a more limited set of tools and commands."


Where can we find these tools and any instructional help?





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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

You will need to use the workspace editor to add them into your workspace, as they are not included in the default Spotlight workspace, similar to the braceworks check system commands.

You can access the workspace editor in the Tools menu under 'Workspaces-Edit current Workspace' or use the  'Workspaces-Workspaces' route to access the Workspaces Dialogue and then use the edit button.

Use the Menu tab to access, add and remove commands from the default menus, or create new custom menus

and the Tools tab to access and customize tool-sets.

one important note, it is a good idea to create a duplicate of the workspace you want to customize, so that if anything goes wrong you can easily revert back to the default



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