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Insert Connection Tool Crashes


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Currently when I try to use the Insert Connection Tool + Insert Drop from Braceworks,  with any Truss Symbols (Vectorworks or My Own), It hard crashes the software.

I have attempted this with many different truss types and brands. All crash the software. Currently it is unusable for me.

Other options I've tried are the straight truss tool, curved truss tool and combinations with Truss Symbols. All Seem to crash.


Process will go as follow:


Insert Truss symbols to any length

Copy/Paste (or add new truss) above/below current truss.

Add Hoists (Or don't. Doesn't affect outcome)

Proceed to use Insert Truss tool (Vertical offset doesn't affect outcome)

Click Top Truss

The moment the mouse reaches the bottom truss, VWX will freeze and crash a few seconds later.


The most Progress I've achieved was getting x1 connection from top to bottom when using different truss at the bottom. But will crash as soon as inserting a second drop.


Using the Place Structural Element On Top/Below works fine.


My Current Setup:

VWX 2020 SP1


Win 10 64bit

Intel Core i7-7700K @4.20Ghz

64GB Ram

Nvidia Geforce 1080 Ti



All Drivers and Updates are up to date.


I've tried doing this in VWX 2019, which works 100%. 

Opening the same file in 2020 and repeating the same steps crashes.


Any help would be appreciated.


Thanx in advance

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Guys


I've been trying to recreate your issue in 2020 sp1, but at the moment it is working fine for me (using both the insert drop command or the insert connection tool). Could you PM me your problem files so I can investigate further?



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