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How to use the truss tool sets properly?

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I am very new to the software and having a hard time understanding how to use the truss tool sets properly. When I use the insert truss tool I get a prompt that says "Select Symbol" but when I go to select the truss type the library shows as empty. It does the same thing when I try to select truss from the truss symbol drop down toward the top of the page. My work around is selecting the appropriate truss from the Resource Manager. The Straight truss tool works but I am confused on how to select different brands of truss with that tool. I'm sure i'm doing something wrong here so please feel free to point me in the right direction.


The attached video is what I referenced beforehand. 



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It's possible, you will need to have the files downloaded on another machine with Vectorworks.


1. One the computer with the resources downloaded, find the Vectorworks 2019 application folder (Applications folder on Mac or Program folder on Windows)

2. Open the "Vectorworks 2019" folder

3. Open the "Libraries" folder

4. Locate the "Objects-Ent Truss" folder

5. Copy the "Objects-Ent Truss" folder onto a removable drive 


6.On the computer that does not have the resources downloaded, find the Vectorworks 2019 application folder (Applications folder on Mac or Program folder on Windows)

7. Open the "Vectorworks 2019" folder

8. Open the "Libraries" folder

9. Copy the "Objects-Ent Truss" folder from the removable drive to the Libraries folder

10. Restart Vectorworks and you should have the resources available

11. (optional) if you still do not see the resources select the gear icon in the Resource Manager and choose "refresh libraries"




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The 2019 library files will not appear in 2020 because they need to be converted to 2020 files. 


1. Open Vectorworks 2020

2. Go to File>Batch Convert

3. Use these settings (This is assuming that you have already moved the 2019 files into your 2020 Library folder)


4. Choose OK. Depending on the number of files, this can take quite some time, so take that into consideration. Once it has finished, 2020 should recognize all of your library files



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

there are some cosmetic changes to the truss files for 2020, we did some rename and cleanup.  but one thing that is new in 2020 that you won't be able to do with the 2019 libraries is use the hinge blocks.  I would take to your IT about downloading all libraries, which they can do through the download content action in the help dropdown.  they could then set it up to be distributed to all the workstations.  this will give you the latest and greatest libraries.

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