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OIP indenting not working in 2020

Sam Jones

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2 hours ago, Julian Carr said:

I'm not seeing any issues either, but it might depend on where in the code you are calling it. Should be in kObjOnInitXProperties (event 5).


Interesting.  I have always put the code in kObjOnWidgetPrep, and it has always worked.  I use it with vsoWidgetSetVisible which has to be in the kObjOnWidgetPrep event, because I turn visibilities off based on other OIP actions.


I will move it and see what happens.

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I tried moving it.  No joy.

I upgraded to build 513812.  No joy.


I haven't a clue as to how to track this one down.


3 hours ago, JBenghiat said:

IF vsoPrmName2WidgetID('', paramName, widgID) THEN vsoWidgetSetIndLvl(widgID, indents);

I can't imagine that he "If" test makes a difference, but good error handling for PIO templates


If anybody hears of anything I can look for or test, please let me know.



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