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Create line-type symbol?

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Hi All,


I'm a recent AutoCAD to VW convert looking to replicate some of the functionality that came with AutoCAD.  Most of them I've been able to part with but one of the ones I cannot seem to find a better way of doing is a dynamic line block.  This would allow me to create a polyline with livetype and layer information and save it as a dynamic block.  When I dragged it from the tool palette it would start the polyline command.  Once I finished the command, the polyline would have all the appropriate attributes that it should.  We commonly used this feature with items we always wanted to the same such as Centerlines or object outlines.


Is there any way to replicate this in Vectorworks?


Thanks in advance.

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Vectorworks doesn't have exactly what you want, however, you could great various Symbols that insert themselves as Groups (Blue Symbol Option) You can specify the class that they insert into and all the various class attributes including text styles etc will be brought into the document with the symbol.

If you save just one object (Like a Centerline) then it imports as just a single object (no need to ungroup) and then you can reshape it to suit whatever project you are working on.



Just a different approach without any more steps needed (I think......?!)


You should also look into the Custom Tool/Attribute command in the Tools menu which I find really useful for this kind of thing.


Hope that's helpful



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Thanks @markdd,


I kinda figured the blue symbol was going to be the best solution, just thought I throw the question out there to see if anyone has a method that works for them.


I'm going to look into the Custom Tool/Attribute command... and I'm sure it'll open up a new rabbit hole for me to climb down.


Thanks again.

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