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Site Model Display Units

Paul Chapman

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Where has the option to select the display units on the site model contour label gone?

It was a fantastic addition for a while, but I cant seem to find it anymore.

Is it buried in the settings somewhere?


The work around of changing the document units to Meters updating the model and Never updating again is clumsy. 


Design Chaps Ltd

Warkworth NZ

VW 2019 SP5.2

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Hi, My plans are generally in Millimeters.

But we always show contours in Meters in NZ.

So for years ive been changing the units to M then updating the site model, and changing back to MM

but you have to do this every time before you print if you update the site model.


There was a Contour Units drop down menu in the Object pallet for a little while.

Might have disappeared when I did an update??

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