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Data Tags


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There isn't much script functionality on the DevWiki regarding Data Tags.


I was wondering if anyone knew how to get a handle to an object a data tag is attached to.


Say I can collect all the data tags in a viewport, as handles, does anyone know how to get handles to objects those data tags are attached to?






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h = Data Tag Object Handle

import vs; 
def GetTaggedObject(h):
    result = False;
    num = vs.GetNumAssociations(h);
    assH = None
    assKind = None
    value = None
    i = 0;
    while(i < num and result == False):
        assH, assKind, value = vs.GetAssociation(h, i);
        if (assKind == 37):
            result = True;
        i = i + 1;
    return result, assH;


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Someone knows the secret of tagging an object with the DataTag by script? Seems to be not so easy.
So far my researches:

1. Read the ASSKINDs of Object and DataTag. It shows me:

37 for the Data-Tag 36 for the Tagged Object

obj1 = vs.FSActLayer()
num = vs.GetNumAssociations(obj1)

out_str = 'Associations\r'
for i in range(num):
    v = str(vs.GetAssociation(obj1, i))
    out_str += str(v)+'\r'


2. Further Assiciations

obj1 = vs.FSActLayer()
obj2 = vs.NextSObj(obj1)

result = vs.AddAssociation(obj1, 17, obj2) #4(deleted if delete), 5(reset if deleted) 17(?)
vs.HMove(obj1, 1,0)

3. Remove Associations

obj1 = vs.FSActLayer()
#stempel = vs.GetObject('stempel')

num = vs.GetNumAssociations(obj1)
out_str = 'Associations\r'
for i in range(num):
    ioTargetObj, inKind, value = vs.GetAssociation(obj1, i)
    vs.RemoveAssociation(obj1, inKind, ioTargetObj)


4. Maybe with a constraint?

h1 = vs.Handle(0)
h2 = vs.GetObject('line1')
h3 = vs.GetObject('symbol1')

if h2 != vs.Handle(0):
    p2 = vs.Get2DPt(h2, 0)
    x1, y1 = vs.HCenter(h3)
    obj, index, containedObj = vs.GetClosestPt( h3, x1, y1)
    vs.AlrtDialog(str([obj, index, containedObj, h1, h2, h3])) #obj1 and h1 are the same contObj1 is None
    bool = vs.SetBinaryConstraint(1, h3, h2, index, -1, 1, -1, containedObj, 0)

if h2 != vs.Handle(0) and h3 != vs.Handle(0):
    bool = vs.HasConstraint(h2)

This works for a line and a symbol. Maybe this works with data-tags and object also if we could find the right arguments.

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