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Perpendicularly placed shapes on curve

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Hello there!


Tried to create a network that places shapes on input Curve. Shapes have to be perpendicular (placed along curve's normal vector). But somehow I can't see any result. Debugging shows, that last node (Rotate) generate geometry, but it does not show up on screen. Any ideas?



Is there any progress in finding normal vector to 3D curve/NURBS curve?




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@GRZEGORZ Hi so i wasn't able to get your network to work but did with the assist of Some of DomC's nodes. The nodes you use says that thy return an angle tangent to the poly but the output is strange, not an angle but maybe a tan rater than a tan angle. Will continue to look.

Always like a challenge.


The output from the node doesnot appear to give an angle but 3point vector so it cannot be used to rotate by angle.

Maybe someone else can resolve this brain teaser.





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@Alan Woodwell, thank you so much for your time.


Unfortunately, connecting vTan in "Get Point On Poly" to vRot in "RectangleXXXX" does not work. I mean they are rotated in the right direction, but at the same time moved from the curve (see picture).

I don't understand why this happens, so I tried to use rotate node to make same effect in two steps. I will search for kind of translator between 3DVector and angle, maybe this will help. 


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@GRZEGORZ Hi again so i looked at the rectangle node and adjusted it a bit and it worked perfectly and objects sat on the line. I then got the latest node which is an upgraded one of the one you are using and substituted it and all works fine. see attached.


I used a Locus with the original network rather than the rectangle and it sat perfectly on the line so i deduced that it must be the rectangle node so i change it then used the current node. 

Hope this solved the issue with the original network.






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@Alan Woodwell

Thanks for your help 🙂 it's all working now.

The solution was pretty easy, can't believe I missed it earlier.

The problem was, as you noticed before, that vTan is not vAng. I thought that every vector is considered as vector. Rotate node's description says vAng - "It could be a 2D/3D rotation vector...", but I didn't realize there are different kind of vectors in Marionette. 🙂


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