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Amorphous - Julian

Push-Pull for floors (and walls, slabs)


It would be so wonderful if Push-Pull operations can occur on floors (and even walls and slabs), but the object still retains the PIO status after the push-pull operation.

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You might be able to get some or all of the functionality you're looking for with:


Add & subtract 3D object from slab (AEC Menu -> Add 3D object to Slab...)



Wall projections and recesses (AEC Menu -> Create Wall Projection)


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Sorry Amorphous, I misread your wishlist item as a question rather than a wish.  I agree with you completely. 


Once you push pull on a wall, it turns into a generic solid, and there is no way to convert it back into something smart/parametric.  This is a huge limitation of VW software, and I am not sure whether there are even plans better integrate these features. 


EIFA is correct in saying that there are operations that you can do within the parametric tools, but these have limitations.  Wall openings and projections by all accounts are not the most useful/stable of entities.  But they are part of the software package.  You can add 3d shapes to slabs as mentioned above. 

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@E|FA Thanks- and yes we already the wall projection tools, but wasn't aware of the slab operation. Very cool!
We actually find the 'wall projection and recesses' very cumbersome and difficult to edit, the same with 'floor' and 'slab' objects.
Hence one of the newbies in the office asked the question and we had an 'ah-ha' moment. 


@cberg Yes, a typo in my post made it sound like a question rather than suggestion (wondering vs wonderful). Corrected now. 
We use the OzCAD windoor door for wall openings, it is a very very very good tool.

It even patches the wall adjacent to the opening with, say masonry, to reflect how openings are created in real-life. 

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@Amorphous - Julian I agree that the tools are awkward and could use some reworking.  I’ve found it easier to delete and start over rather than editing wall recesses.   Push/pull functionality is a good idea.

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