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Amorphous - Julian

Hidden-Line-Render SLOW with surface hatch ON


Hidden line rendering time can vary by 30 times (10 seconds vs 300 seconds) between rendering 'WITH' or 'WITHOUT' 'surface hatch' in background.

Note the progress bar at bottom right of video clip. 

I believe this issue is only replicable on large file using project sharing, and not in isolation. 


(NB to vectorworks similar issue already discussed with Jim Wilson via email on 6th March, 2019).



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The problem which I have is that I invested heavily in both Vectorworks and Apple over 10 years ago (I now realise that it may not have been the best business decision), so unless I make the decision to change to PC over the next 4 years - that's when I will be due to upgrade my youngest mac, I will have to stick with apple products so I do not have the luxury of switching to Revit due to the poor physical performance of Vectorworks although I could change all my machines over to running 100% boot camp (seems a waste though).


Vectorworks Architect has over the years progressed greatly in 'pure BIM workflow' and to its credit, it is probably one of the best on the market.  However, BIM workflow does not generate income into a business, production information generates income and this is where Vectorworks falls down every time.  The ability to create and visualise a building model that can have proper production information referenced both to and from it is a critical point in all projects nowadays.  Clients know that we can produce high quality models and renderings and expect us to be able to collaborate with others on a level playing field  - Ie be able to export ifc models that contain all the project information for costing, scheduling etc. The fact that the defect standard format in the world is Revit, with nearly all third party information being created in revit format and bloated to such an extent that renders the BIM objects pretty well useless only compounds the issue for Vectorworks users.


I am seriously considering changing from VW to another design software solution, as Vectorworks year after year just ignore the basic production faults with the program and ignore the paying users who rely on the software to pay the bills, like the ability to generate a door schedule that can have internal and external doors on the same schedule and not have to worry that the guess what we construct to default and standards that are different in different countries - like the vast majority to external doors are a standard size (I.e. we have to use what is available to for a contractor to buy from a merchant) and get them to fit - usually with a barrier free threshold into a standard brick opening width and height.  Guess what vectorworks cannot do this.  This is just one example, also working with wall constructions made up of more than a single component - you cannot generate a section which is of any use at a detail level of greater than 1:100 - ability to attach objects to components of a wall and not left / centre / right. People will say that there is a custom setting, but if the wall thickness changes  - the custom setting is useless.  Another problem is hatches, Vectorworks Architect at least is (or should be) primarily a building design program, not an graphic design program.  It should have the ability to produce high quality graphic representations but not at the expense of detailed building design - This is where it fails.

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