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VW 11.5.01 Still Crashes(loads)

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Since the release of VW11.5 I have suffered a minimum of 4 crashes daily. The windows 11.5.1 patch improved the speed problem but not stability. Crashes mostly occur when MS Outlook is running in the background although not always. There is never any warning of the crash and no opportunity to save my work. The program simply dumps out. I have noticed that its usually preceeded by a bunch of HD chugging. I can't tell whether specific files are causing the problem although it feels as though it's those that have imported AutoCad information that are most unstable. This latter possibility is the most disturbing of all since the world and his dog use autocad and we frequently have to exchange drawings with autocad users.

VW11.01 did not suffer from the same instability troubles and its still faster than 11.5.1. I have returned to my 11.01 installation over the last week and wonder why I ever updated.

This is on a P4/3.2Ghz/1.5Gb running XP SP2 but it also affects my AMD laptop and slower machines in the office. They all run XP SP2.

Does anyone have any tips?

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I did not even realise there was a 11.5.1 patch or is this teh Service Patch for windows?

I have just updated to Architect / Renderworks and I would have expected to received the latest.

Is there a press release and download for 11.5.1?

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