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Interior/Exterior Elevation Hatches

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I am trying to apply hatches to interior elevations without doing an overlay in the viewport. I am finding that the hatch that I am using (stipple 40) renders as a solid grey. I am using the "Final Shaded Polygon" which can render my windows grey but the hatches don't seem to be working, nor can I scale them. How do I hatch the walls without having to overlay each drawing?

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 10.01.34 AM.png

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For hatches to appear in your elevations, it needs to be in a renderworks texture, and that texture is then applied to your wall.

First step is to have a renderworks texture, click on the edit option(you're in resource manager window),

you can choose hatch (instead of none) and then on the bottom, you can choose your preferred hatch.


(in resource manager) you can modify your hatch scale by right click/ edit, try to find the scale option.


hope this helps.


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