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Inserting Global Truss T-part with insert truss tool

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Anyone familiar with the Cosmic-Global truss library? I'm confused about inserting the T-parts (F34T35 for example). It seems that I can insert the T-part only so that it's the single end of the T that is connecting. Even if I create the T-part separately, then rotate it in 3d and try to connect it with a horizontal truss, it automatically orientates back if combined to an existing system.


Of course I can use them as separate objects and just move the rotated T-part to correct position side-by-side to the horizontal truss preventing VW to combine them to a single system, but then the Braceworks functionality will be absent.


Can anyone say is this really meant to be like this or is it a bug or something? Or is there a correct way to do this? I tried with the Prolyte truss library and it seems that the Prolyte T-part connects from all ends.








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@Anttti I have taken a look at this truss and this is indeed a bug in the way the corner piece is drawn.  I am going to file a bug and correct the issue and in the meantime I will fix the symbol and send you a file with the corrected symbol so that you may use the truss as intended.  The corrected symbol is attached.



Cosmic F34T35.vwx

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