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VW2020 Logo

Josh Schulman


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For Mac OS you can update the logo manually:  


1. Create any icon you want.  I am attaching a file with an inverted B&W option.

2. Copy the image.

3. Select the VW application file in the Finder

4. Choose File -> Get Info

5. Select the icon in the top left corner of the info window.

6. Paste the image.

7. Close the Info window.


If you have VW permanently in the Dock, you will need to remove it, launch VW, then add it back to "Keep in Dock"


I'm guessing there's a similar option for Windows


VW Logo Inverted.ico

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I figured out a way to do the same on PC though...

  1. create a shortcut for the application to the desktop
  2. Edit the properties of the shortcut
  3. Choose Change Icon...
  4. Browse and load the .ico file of your choosing

Thanks for the help...this works as a temp fix, but I hope VW takes this very minor request into consideration in future SP of 2020

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I've had some issues with macOS High Sierra dropping custom icons I've applied, so I just rely on either: 

  • Using Spotlight/search. (SUPER fast once macOS learns your search habits as you only have to type one or two letters then hit enter) 
  • The name displayed when mousing-over the Dock (admittedly not as intuitive as colour) 
  • The relative position on the Dock, or 
  • The following organisation strategy: 
    • I created a folder in Applications called "Vectorworks Aliases,"  put said aliases of all Vectorworks in it, then dragged that folder to the Dock. It
      • keeps the Dock sparse/tidy
      • displays all item names at-once and
      • enables QUICK access to any version/installation. 

I was going to explore similar capacities on my Windows computer but it's not playing nice so I'm going home. 


Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 4.36.53 PM.png

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