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Mac OS Catalina

Don Seidel


Well today’s foray into OS 10.15 did not go well. I don’t remember the last Mac update with this much trouble. OS File sharing Was damaged in the iMac hosting files. We could open them but all were “ not able to be modified”, despite permissions wide open as always on the local network. Had to transfer project files to external drive, erase the iMac and install Mojave from a boot drive. 

VW and other software programs couldn’t edit or save their respective files. Not even a good testing session as this trashed a full half day on recovery.


anyone have success ?

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I've been running Vectorworks 2020 and 2019 on macOS Catalina throughout the beta testing period of both. The only current issue I have is some lagginess with the Organisation Window and the Nav Palette. 


Didn't run into the file sharing issue you have because I didn't update our file server (which is still running Mojave), but we've also moved away from that and are using Dropbox (with file server as backup). I'm going to update the file server now and see what happens.

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13 hours ago, Don Seidel said:

It's been maybe 10 years since a Mac OS update caused this much headache. I get that systems have to progress, but wow. Going to update a standalone Mac today for fun. Our Mac used as a server (just a regular Mac) has always been so stable...my mistake.


Mojave was the niggly one for us. Catalina has been fine in my experience.

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Asking community for advice or experience.  I'm on High Sierra & v2019. Everything quite stable now, but will upgrade in next week or so to v2020. Equipment stays same for now, but new laptop purchase expected sometime in next year (hoping for that rumored 16" laptop).


Soooo  Upgrade the OS?

 Mojave? - fully developed at both apple and vwx

or Catalina? - barely out of beta, vwx still adjusting


any comment welcome.





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