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VW2019 OpenGL Graphics very glitchy

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Not sure if it was an update, or something else, but graphics seem very glitchy / not smooth when panning and rotating a bim model. 


Specs :

Win10 Pro

Intel Core i7 5820k @ 3.3 ghz

32 GB ram - DDR4 2400, 16-16-16-39 CAS

Graphics - Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti


Is there a possibility VW might be using CPU for opengl? Although, I thought that this chip didn't have an on-board graphics module. Either way, maybe something I'm doing wrong?


I attached DXdiag Output. 




As a test, I referenced the same file in a freshly made document, and the 3d animation is almost flawless. I now understand it's probably the file itself. Are there preferences that might be causing glitchy behavior?




Thanks in advance!


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More weird behavior 




The same file - cannot display a layer based reflected ceiling plan and a BIM plan model at the same time. It is like the BIM plan freezes in place, while the reflected ceiling plan is rotated, panned, zoomed. This isn't a plane based issue because all objects on the reflected ceiling plan are layer based. 

This also isn't a scale issue either, given that both layers are at 1:48....


Not sure how to react to this. Can anybody offer some assistance?

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Guest Wes Gardner

As @Rob Nykolaishen says...it's probably a Unified View issue that you've accidentally toggled off.  In the future, you may want to consider turning the icon that allows you to toggle Unified View on/off OFF in your viewbar so you don't accidentally activate it...For me there is NEVER a reason to turn Unified View off...


Also, be careful in your Saved Views as they have the ability to toggle Unified View on/off so you may want to check your settings there to...



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