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Building off a cliff

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My current project is one where a 4 levels of half-storeys split level building is sitting on a sloping cliff. I have tried various methods to draw the interiors of this project (by drawing and rendering the individual rooms/floors) but when it comes to generating a 3D of the entire building, I am stuck at how to set up the site.

Question 1.

How do I draw the site that isn't flat? Is it a class or layer on its own? I tried to understand using the Site Survey and DTM by reading up but am getting further paralysed.

Question 2.

All levels to the building are aligned half height step-up from each other, meaning which Level 4 is above Level 2 and Level 3 is above Level 1. Do I draw Level 1 and 2 on the same layer, while Level 3 and 4 on the next layer?

I am very new with the program and would love any help I can get with this complex building. The 3-day training program was great but I am unfortunately not savvy enough to hit the highway and draw the project I have at hand.

Please help! I am freaking out here.. [Eek!]

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Thanks Chris,

I am not sure I understand it all but will give it a try. Before I do that, I need to go through what you just suggested..

1. "Your site should have its own layer.Then set up a layer for retaining walls.a layer for split slab "

So I name layers.. SITE, WALLS, FLOOR (for the split slabs?)..

2. "(Keep the split slabs that are joined by one set of steps on the same layer,you can adjust and move the upper slab up in front view)etc."

So its Level 1 and 2, joined by a small flight of steps. On 3D it should look like two flat horizontal slabs? (What I have tried before was to extrude the higher level into a block.. so it looked like a flat slab and a block)..

3. "For the site slope,try a simple approach first use 3D loci XYZ points and the convert DTM.Use classes to define objects within layers.Separate classes for existing ground level,Cut,fill steps, ramps etc.. Tip...Although layer links stack layers, you can unlock them in the Model and move then up and down in the model"

This sounds really frightening. I am not getting it, but will try.

4. In what sequence do you tackle a drawing like that? Site first, then slabs, then floor, then stairs, then wall?

Thanks a lot for your patience. It is indeed a mindful for me.


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Step#1 Create a Gird Layer : set up your site lines for the centerlines of the columns, footings and walls. Place 3D Loci at the vertices of the centerlines. Use this layer to register all the other layers.

As your design evolves you will be updating the Grid Layer as well to keep track of the centers.

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Sorry I am not getting any of this to put it to work.

There is a separate thread in ARCHITECT where I posted up the same question titled "Setting the foundation off a cliff". I got a simpler answer there and am trying to apply it.

How do I merge the discussion? Sorry for doing repeats in two separate boards, I am new but eager to learn and understand more.

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