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Hi there, I'm struggling to see my custom title block in the title block manager - anyone know what I'm meant to do? So far I've created the custom title block, attached all the record files etc and saved it in the same VW library as the other title blocks. It shows up in Mac Finder but when I try and open it from inside VW it's not there at all and I can't locate it form the resource manager either....help?

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Hey Pat, thanks for getting back to me - 

I've re-started VW many times and still no joy...below are two screen shots showing the file path - in the first you can see my two files, CR title block and Copper Rocket, both sitting there with the other VW ones. Then when I go to find it in VW it doesn't appear in the drop down menu with the others.

It might well be that there's another folder path to go to but I'm totally at a loss as to which that is. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Maybe I have to save the original file as something different? I created the title block using the attached pdf but it was unclear what to save the actual title block as...I just saved it as a VWX and pooped it into the folder....heeeelllllppppp. Please.

Screenshot 2019-10-05 at 10.53.51.png

Screenshot 2019-10-05 at 10.54.57.png

How to Create a Custom Title Block in Vectorworks 2020 — Andy Broomell.pdf

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Just one last thing though....now I can use it that's great, but my default paper size is A0. If I create a new sheet on A4 the title block still comes in the same size as it would on A0. Is there a way to scale the title block to fit the paper size or do I have to create a new title block for size of paper I use?





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Glad it is working for you now.


There is also a similar set of folders under Defaults that contain what shows up as Default Content for a number of tools. That would have been my next suggestion.


You would probably also be better off putting your files into either a Workgroup Folder or your User Folder rather than in the Applications folder. Anything in the Applications folder could go away if VW decides they need to make a change during a service pack installation. If you decide to leave the file in Applications, make sure you have a backup somewhere else just in case.


I don't know of a way to force the title block to match the paper size automatically, but after placement you can change it to an Unstyled title block and set the Title Block Scale Factor to get it to the size you need.


Probably best to create different styles for different paper sizes so that it will always look the same at that paper size.

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@Lec - this should be possible without unstyling the TBB, but you do need to set up your Style to allow for changes in sheet size. Specifically, you'd probably want to set the "Sheet Size" and Title Block "Scale Factor" parameters to "By Instance." (And maybe "Width" and "Height" to allow for custom sizes.)


For further details about how that all works, take a look at this tutorial I wrote for Title Block Borders.


Doing it this way allows you to keep the benefits of having your TBB be styled, but also allows for individual changes. Hope it helps 🙂 




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