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Is it normal on the Win10 platform to always be using the escape key to leave the attribute palette and the object info palette before one can use the 'X' shortcut to cancel the active function and return to the pick cursor?

This was not the case on my old Mac platform. I am becoming very frustrated after editing the last object I created and then pressing X or another single key shortcut, that when I go to select or create something new I find that the previous function (lines, dimensions, circles, etc.) is still active.

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I'm on WIN7 but I guess the problem is the same. You are getting stuck in the object info palette as soon as you change a value there. The curser stays in this field and does not return to the main window unless you click somewhere in the main window , or hit the esacape key. If you already have an object marked you will loose this selection then.


I'm using two workarounds for that:

- to return to the main window I click on the window-frame, so the selection will not be deselected and the selection tool keeps activated.

- having a programmable mouse or keyboard you can configure a key or mouse button with [ESC] [x] , this returns to the main window and activates the selection tool.


Hope this helps 🙂


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