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New DMX Patch system


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I am a long time user of Vectorworks.


I have just started my first project using Vectorworks 2020, I noticed it had the new DMX patch feature which should be a great help.

I have a workflow in place for doing DMX patching, which I was planning to use on this project, however it seems that the new system will not let you import a patch from an external source, even importing instrument Data with all of the Universe, Address and universe/address fields correctly formatted and filled in, when you "Update Fixtures" it wipes this information.


I am now re-entering the patch information manually through the new DMX Patch feature, it seems very slow, and is becoming very time consuming.



Is there a way to import a patch from an external source?




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I experienced a strange error when using the Spotlight numbering to enter DMX addresses.


Fixture - GLP Impression Xs in 14 Channel mode.

When addressing multiple fixtures using Spotlight numbering starting at 001 each time the 5th fixture in the line would be addressed at 9, rather than at 57. 


When I went in to the DMX Patch layout to check the patch, I spotted the errors but when I made corrections in the patch they showed up as correct but they did not stay when I exited out of the window back to the drawing and errors came back.


The DMX patch seems a step in the right direction but it is very clunky and slow.

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