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I was watching one of the Webinar on University Vectorworks about Algorithmic Design with Marionette. Link below




The first exercise is about creating tapered extrude with three curves. Every step has been followed but it seems the Collate node is not working and the curves won't be generated. I have attached a screenshot and the working file (VW2019 SP3)


I am scratching my head and I just can't see what I'm doing incorrectly. Any help will be much appreciated.



Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 3.50.31 pm.png


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10 hours ago, Marissa Farrell said:


I've attached a file with the 2020 version of the node - I can't remember when it was fixed, but it works for me now.

Marionette (1) v2020 v2019.vwx

Thanks for your file Marissa. I can see the curves being generated now but not in the way they were shown in the video.


I uploaded a couple of images showing the intended result and the actual result I'm getting on my end.


Changing the directions of the original three curves will impact how the new curves are generated but still could not get the intended result. Also tried to change the order of the three curves on the network which did not affect anything. Looks like the points are still not collated properly.


I am wondering if there's a workaround to achieve similar result without having to use the collate. 

Intended Result.png

Actual Result.png

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I have also found the same results using 2020, the curves are not displaying as the video.



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Looks pretty when you adjust a few things and add extrude along path 🙂


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Hello All,


Sorry I was late to respond to this, but there was a bug in the 2019 version of the node and I used a custom version of the Collate node. Besides the output not being lists of lists, the biggest difference between these two versions was that my custom node was looking for the number of items in each list while the default library node is looking for the number of lists. Here is a file with a slightly adjusted network that uses the fixed default Collate node in 2020. I exported it back to 2019 so that you can use this correct node in version 2019.


Example 1 - Extruded Curves v2020.vwx

Example 1 - Extruded Curves v2020 v2019.vwx


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FYI, I also wasted several hours trying to duplicate the results in the seminar mentioned above, but its now February 2021.  Perhaps someone should edit the seminar or put an addendum pointing us to the correct code.

A very frustrating experience, after what was otherwise quite an interesting seminar.

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