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how to make parametric buildings and rooms?

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good morning,



i am new to vw and i am kind of spoiled from topsolids parametric and total associative construction what i did not found in vw.


The problems i have, drawing wall or floors is that i dont know the exact geometry of rooms or buildings.


I have to manage and create interior designs for shops but the measurement of the shops is in the offering phase not totally clear and exact and can only be taken from the rooms, when they are empty (only a few days before the fabrication of furniture).


but the measurement for offering will be done in complete equipped old furniture. It is not exact and has to be adjustet. but how? if i modify a wall, the floor will not follow, and so on.


1  weeks before i have to send the construction drawings to the joinery we take the exact maesures of the then empty rooms.


It is impossible to redraw, reconstruct or modifying all applied furnitures  after i modified the walls f.e.


How i can manipulate the outlines/contures of walls with simple parameters, so i can place all the cabinets, counters, shelfs before we got the exact measurements and then "only inscribe exact lengthparameters"?


is there even a possibility to use parameters? i did not found anything. 😞



br KC



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But how to Link Something (Lines, square etc) on other objects? 


@Wes Gardner U meant interiorcad slabs 3d will follow the Wall If i parametrically manipulate their posion in my file? That means for me i need some Kind of orthogonal helping construction (Wall f.e. 0.1 mm thick) to Hold the slaps between my parametric Walls? Especially If i will model a Counter with separate Segments between this helping Walls?

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