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slanted "roof" for space objects


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i believe to have read about a possibility to have space objects with slanted "roofs" in 3d view.

does anybody know how's about it? 

we'd need it for macro bim (factor calculations by cubic metres of raw volume) along with the differentiation of spaces above 220cm height, between 140 and 220 cm (counted with 50%), and below 140 cm height, not counted at all for the finished space volume.


or should i post it in the wishlist?



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thanks, wes, cool 🙂

again, the darkest area is under the street lamp ;)

i thought, though, i could start my conceptual model with the spaces, but for the slopes i need the roofs first. ok, i can live with it.

thanks again for pointing it out.


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the trouble is that i can adjust the spaces that are completely under the roof, spaces that are partially under it i cannot 😞


edit: i've found out: it's the height and the bounding objects combined 🙂 it works 🙂


Screenshot 2019-10-04 at 00.39.25.png

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